30 Minutes to Sparkling Savvy

Bubbles are a BIG subject, let's pop that cork and make it Cristal clear

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Fizzy & Fabulous

  • How do they make the bubbles?
  • What's the difference between Prosecco & Champagne?
  • Why is it all so darn expensive?
  • Where can I find great bubbles for a great price?


Discover the fascinating history of sparkling wine around the world!

Sparkling Methods

Learn about the 3 main types of bubbly wine and understand how they're produced.

Where in the World?

Learn about the best fizz from around the world, the regions, grapes, and price points!

“I've always loved Champagne but was intimidated to learn about it, and gosh it's an expensive habit! I learned so much from Caroline's workshop and now I'm trying tons of different kinds of bubbles all the time! It's been great for my wallet!”

- Andrea, Champagne lover

Why is Sparkling Savvy: A Bubbles Masterclass so great?

Your expert wine teacher Caroline Conner is here to break it all down into really accessible information.

This recorded video is instant access, it lasts for 30 minutes and gives you all the crucial info you need to know to understand this epic subject!

This masterclass is for you if you love Champagne or Prosecco and want to learn more about the wide world of Sparkling Wines!

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